What are birth control pills

Birth Control Pills

The birth control pills, which were approved by the Food and Drug Administration about 49 years age, still continues to be the most effective firm of birth control. In the US, women have the liberty to choose from 40 different contraceptives.

The pills, by which it is commonly called, comes in two types - combination pills and progestin-only pills. Both these pills consist of hormones that are typical of a woman's ovary.

Progestin-only pills

Progestin-only pills, which are also known as mini-pills, is available in the market since 1970. But these pills make only up to 10 per cent of the contraceptive market, as their use has been limited. As Progestin-only pills contain no estrogen, they do not prevent ovulation. If the pill has to work effectively, it has to be taken at a particular time every day. The effect is even reduced if a pill is missed.

However, the Progestin-only pills have some advantages. As they do not contain estrogen, they are a good choice for breast-feeding mothers. The pill is also good for women who come across certain health conditions like headache, cardiovascular diseases and thromboembolis while using combined pills. The Progestin-only pills also do not come with side effects that are common with combined pills. Spotting days and bleeding during the periods are seen to be higher when using Progestin-only pills.

Combination pills

Combination pills are contraceptives that contain estrogen and progestin. These combined pills come in monophasic and multiphasic pills. The combined pills are seen to be most effective in preventing ovulation.

Monophasic pills

A pack of Monophasic pills contains the same amount of the two hormones - estrogen and progestin - in all the active pills. Some of the monophasic pills include Brevicon, Alesse, Desogen, Levlite, Levlen, Loestrin, Norinyl, Nelova, Modicon, Nordette,Ortho-Cept, Ortho-Novum, Ortho-Cyclen, Ovcon and Yasmin. As Monophasic pills contain the same hormone levels in all the active pills, it is unlikely to cause any side effects like mood changes, which can lead to fluctuating hormone levels.

The FDA has approved in 2003 a new monophasic pill known as Seasonale. Women using this pill will have periods only for four times a year. The Pill contains the same amount of estrogen and progestin as in other monophasic pills. Though a lot of monophasic pills are used, Seasonale is the only product that has been approved.

Multiphasic pills

It was in the 1980's that Multiphasic pills were developed. The pills contain varying amounts of hormones and have to be taken at particular times throughout the schedule. These mutliphasic contraceptives were developed for reducing the side effects caused by other contraceptives, including spotting, bleeding and amenorrhea. The multiphasic pills may come as biphasic or triphasic pills.

The biphasic pills are known to change the hormone levels once during the menstrual period. About half way through the periods, the progesterone dose is also increased. Jenest, Necon 10/11, Mircette, Nelova 10/11 and Ortho-Novum 10/11 are some of the known biphasic pills.

Triphasic pills contain three different hormone doses in the active pills. Triphasic pills slowly increases the estrogen dose and some pills may increase the progesterone dose. Cyclessa, Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Ortho-Novum 7/7/7, Triphasil, Trivora, Tri-Levlen and Tri-Norinyl are some of the triphasic contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptive pills (ECP)

Emergency contraceptive pills, which are not to be used regularly, help to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. Plan b is the only ECP hat has been approved by the FDA.

ECP Advantages:

- Reduces the chance of unwanted pregnancy

- Is easily obtained in the market.


- The timing is most important while using the ECP. The first dose has to be taken within 120 hours of unprotected sex.

Which Pill is better?

The first option is the monophasic contraceptives. The monophasic pills with very low estrogen content are known to cause fewer side effects like bleeding, breast tenderness and bloating. The combination pills also have their own advantages and are more effective than the Progestin-only pills as they contain estrogen and progestogen.

Birth control pills

Birth control pillsThere are many medicines in market which are used to avoid the unwanted pregnancy. These pills are known as birth control pills. Use of birth control pills is a type of contragestion. Contragestion is a technique followed to prevent the fertilization. In this method, these pills form a barrier or hurdle for the eggs and avoid them from reaching to the sperms. As we know that combination of sperm and egg is very necessary for the fertilization so if there will be a barrier between them then the process of fertilization will not occur. Contragestion technique also includes the use of barrier i.e. condoms during the sexual activity. It also has the same purpose but it acts as a barrier physically. Everyone is familiar with the use of condoms. It is worn on the penis before having sex. A lubricating material present in the condoms makes sex easy without rubbing.

Talking about the contragestion method, you will get that it is the method in which intrauterine devices are used. There are two names of such devices which are currently used by the people. The first one is copper IUDs devices and the other one is hormonal IUDs. What is the basic function of their working is the main thing? Mostly these devices are T-shaped placed inside the uterus. It decreases the mobility of sperms so chances of fertilization are automatically reduced. The use of this method is not common in the people. Many people are not familiar from the pros and cons of these devices. If any one feels difficulty in adopting the contraceptive technique then she has the option to use contragestion method. It is very necessary that you consult with your doctor before choosing any technique. If you will not consult then you may get such health problems which are very harmful for the health.

Sterilization is a birth control technique used for the permanent solution of birth control. Those women who feel uncomfortable in using above mentioned methods prefer to use this technique. This is a surgery of tube inside the abdomen which carries eggs. This tube is blocked or sealed by doctors so that there remains no transfer of eggs. This is a permanent solution of birth control so you should adopt it after think. Sometimes women leave this method because it is quite expensive and need a good time for recovery. Tell your doctor if you are willing to use this technique.

Why we are using such methods in our daily life to decrease the occurrence of fertilization? World population is a big reason of their use. Increase in the birth rate has created this problem. People were in great trouble as they were serious about the future of their children. Increase in population was raising the health, food and residence problems. it was not easy to solve this problem but due to the introduction of these methods people made it possible. Now birth rate is quite in control. Media has also played an important part in the awareness of people.

Why Birth control is important to control the population?


Lifespan of a female is divided into three periods.


It extends from birth to puberty. During this period, primary and accessory sex organs do not function. These organs remain quiescent. Puberty occurs at the age of 12-15 years.


The second period extends from the onset of puberty to the onset of menopause. The first menstrual cycle is known as menarche. The permanent stoppage of menstrual cycle in old age is called menopause, which occurs at the age of about 45 to 50 years. During the period between menarche and menopause, women menstruate and reproduce.


This period extends after menopause to the rest of the life.

Different types of problems are becoming the part of this world. In the past, the population was not very high so it was easy to feed everyone. But now population has increased to a great extent. It has become very difficult to feed every person. So what is the solution of this problem? We cannot control the population by consulting a man.

The word 'abstinence' means abstaining from sexual intercourse. Today, many teenagers are being educated about this form of protection against unwanted pregnancies. The rate of teenager pregnancies has escalated over the past 10 years at an alarming rate. The number of teenagers with sexually transmitted diseases has also risen. In many countries, sex education with an emphasis on abstinence is being given to young teenagers in an attempt to reduce these statistics. The only birth control method that is 100% effective is abstinence

The need for watching one's health is more critical for women. The wellbeing of the entire family depends upon the health of the women on whom the family is dependant. Therefore during the productive years every woman has no option but to look after herself in order to be able to do her best for her family and fulfill her responsibilities.

Life is all about choices that we make. We build our future ourselves. When people find themselves in problems they blame their fate or destiny without realizing that they are the makers of their own destiny. The choices that we make today determines the direction of our life that is going to take shape tomorrow and the day after.

We are lucky to be living in a progressive and advancing world. Making a living is fairly easy today when compared to the olden days. Internet has further enhanced the quality of life. Now we live in a virtual world and conduct most of our business through the internet by way of paying our utility bills, banking, shopping and making bookings etc. Some Thoughts On Women's Health And Well Being

As you know, a condom is a protective sheath that is placed on a man's penis to prevent semen entering a woman's uterus, thereby avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. It also protects against sexually transmitted diseases. Modern condoms are made of thin polyurethane or latex. They are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and varying levels of lubricants. History of the condom

All the hype around Viagra and men clamoring to their hands on the blue pill has pushed up the efforts of Pharma Companies to introduce the Viagra for Women. Naturally it makes business sense because the market for this tablet can outstrip the demand that exists in the market of Viagra for men. The market segment may be equal or more than the existing market. Do Women Really Need Viagra?

Do you think the role women play in raising a family is easy? Living as a married woman you have to devote being a mother, a partner and yet you have to maintain your career goals. Owing to the numerous roles that women have to facilitate at home, it is vital that they consider health and fitness to ensure they remain physically fit. There are many contradicting info that you will unveil from the internet in relation to womanly fitness. For instance there are the female health magazines which might lack what you are looking for.

Like men, women also have to work hard at homes. There are several responsibilities of women and they work hard to fulfill them. Let us discuss about the different ways which a woman can follow in order to get good health results.

Relation of world's population with birth control

Some people have a lot of time to think about the money and other related things but they even do not think about the future of their children. World's population is increasing with the addition of 1.8% of current population. Government is also paying attention towards this problem. In this article, I shall tell you about the solutions of this problem. When we talk about the solutions of this problem then first name that comes in our knowledge is the use of contraceptive pills. Contraceptive pills are special drugs which are made for the birth control program. These contraceptive pills are very effective in preventing in the fertilization. There are some things which you should follow before choosing the right method.

The first thing is the knowledge about your overall health condition. Tell your doctor about the recent health and fitness condition so that he suggest you the right technique. Selection of right method also depends upon you that how often you have sex in a month. If you need more than 1 child then you cannot select the permanent method to control birth. He may suggested by any other method. There are four general methods which are adopted by the people. Their names are given below:

  • Contragestion method
  • Sterilization method
  • Contraception method
  • Methods of modern
  • Behavioral methods

Other methods are further types of these methods. You just have to select one of them according to doctor. Sterilization method is quite expensive technique that is why most of the people do not follow it. They like to prefer other techniques over it. Some people have a question in their minds that how this method is effective in birth control. Its answer is very simple. Basically it is a surgical technique in which the vessel which carries eggs to the uterus is blocked to prevent the fertilization. Besides, you can use other methods if you want birth control temporary. Since sterilization is a permanent solution of birth control so you can choose another one.

The use of birth control is not a modern trend. Ancient people also used some methods for the prevention of fertilization. They formed the mixture of honey, ghee, red chalk and seeds of palams. This mixture was used inside the vagina which acts as a barrier and restricts the convergence of sperm and egg. This was very effective in ancient time so some ingredients of this mixture are also used in the modern drugs. This is something about the ancient methods to prevent the fertilization. Condoms are also used for this purpose. It is a device which can be used by both men and women as male and female condoms are available in market. All people are familiar with its use. Besides, contraceptive pills are also taken by women, which have the ability to decrease the chances of fertilization. This is all about the use of such methods. If you are willing to get more information about the use of these techniques then you can search it from the internet.