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Affect Of Estrogen On Sexual Functions In Early Postmenopause

As we all know Estrogen therapy has been prescribed to patients to treat menopausal symptoms. These therapies have been extensively studied and they have been found to be the most consistent and effective therapy. These therapies also help reduce the severity of hot flashes by up to 90% as per studies. The transdermal, oral and vaginal hormone therapy has been quite effective. The estrogen hormone is a steroid hormone and is derived from androgenic precursors called androstenedione and testosterone through the aromatization process.

Estrogen Hormone

One such therapy is transdermal estrogen therapy and is delivered through the skin. This therapy can help improve the sexual function in women who were going through a postmenopausal phase in life. The details were published in an article in JAMA Internal Medicine. It has been found that due to the declining estrogen levels during the menopausal phase are linked with sexual dysfunction. These factors can be an important element to determine the women`s health and quality of life. As per the new article published recently, it was found that there were changes in the sexual function of the women who underwent menopause. There were 670 women who took part in this study and these women were given oral conjugated estrogens or placebo. The women who took part in this study were aged between 42 to 58 and all of them had their last menstrual period within the last three years. These women were given out a questionnaire to fill and submit. It contained a range of questions to assess and score the different aspects of the experience and the sexual desire. The researchers wanted to record the desire, arousal, orgasm, lubrication, pain, and satisfaction in all these women, There were scores assigned to these questions and if the patient got scores below the pre-approved threshold it was considered as low sexual function and not as sexual dysfunction. The team did not want to study the distress which is usually connected with sexual symptoms as they were not evaluated in this study.

This study had its own limitations as the findings could not be applied to everyone as all the women who took part in this test were white women and they had a higher educational background when compared to the general population. The key points of the study are The transdermal treatment did have only moderate improvement in the overall sexual functions of the women as per the scores allotted. When compared to placebo. Also, there was not a significant change or difference in the overall sexual function with oral estrogen as well. It also highlighted the fact that for the patients who underwent oral and transdermal estrogen therapy over a period of four years did not show much of a difference in their sexual function score. The transdermal treatment did increase the average lubrication and decreased the pain.

In a nutshell, it could be said that the healing with t-E2 provided modest advantages to the patients. Also, the efficiency of o-CEE healing was less when compared to the t-E2 especially for the women with low sexual function.