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Birth Control and Low Thyroid Level

The thyroid gland is in the shape of butterfly present just in front of the neck. The thyroid produces hormones which regulate the manner in which the energy is utilized in the human body. Hypothyroidism or low thyroid implies that the thyroid gland in your body is not producing sufficient thyroid hormone.

For several females, regulation of their hormones can be the distinctive feature between the vibrant feeling and feeling that they are just experiencing life. Several women who criticize about the hormonal imbalance symptoms might get confused with the mechanism of the occurrence of the imbalance. Some of the signs and symptoms experienced by females can be due to the low levels of thyroid hormone in the body. Hot flashes, sleep disorders, anxiety, sluggishness, irregular or excessive periods, foggy thought-processing and muscle pain can all be the low thyroid level symptoms. After the determination of the reduced level of thyroid is done by the doctor, there are some important things to keep in mind. These essential things could influence you life and well-being immensely.

Thyroid in Women

For all those females who think that they might be suffering from a thyroid issue, it is necessary to select the ideal thyroid specialist who can assist you in setting a plan of action. While consulting your thyroid specialist, it is really necessary that you let the doctor know if you are consuming birth control currently. Intake of birth control medications containing estrogen or estrogen can have a great influence on the way approached by the doctor for the treatment of the hypothyroidism in you.

If you are a patient of hypothyroidism and are recently utilizing oral contraceptive medicines, then you might be thinking if your birth control medicines can affect your symptoms of thyroid. There is an affirmative answer to this question. HRT- Hormone Replacement therapy and oral contraceptive pills may influence the function of thyroid gland.

For females it is essential to question their doctor if the birth control or HRT which is being consumed is responsible for the thyroid symptoms. If the doctor replies in a negative or if there is no contact with the specialist, then it is recommended that the patient must consider some other methods also. For the proper diagnosis and alleviations of the symptoms, key factors which could possibly influence the thyroid must be dealt with like oral contraceptive pills and HRT.

Females with low levels of thyroid who are using birth control medications currently but are thinking to stop in future as they want to conceive must definitely consult their physician to talk about the adjustments for their treatment plan of thyroid.

Seeking solutions can prove to be really confusing for the females when it is all about the hormonal balance. Few doctors themselves enlighten you about your menopausal experience and their symptoms or issues. Few women will be told that as per their lab records everything is just normal. This type of indifference/apathy will not assist in ending up the suffering of the patient in any way.