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Birth Control and Travel

Birth control and travelling never go hand in hand. When periods coincide with travel dates, it get on the nerves if any woman. Due to long journey hours, hectic schedule of travelling and less time, a woman tends to get irritated, frustrated and exhausted which in turn leads to early occurrence of period and also irregular bleeding.

What to do?

A woman must never worry as there are many things at her disposal. Birth control pills, other birth control products and condoms are the best solutions to this problem. If a woman knows the exact date of her period, she can start taking the birth control pills after consulting her doctor.

If the vacation is too long (more than 2 weeks), taking personal hygiene products is a must including condoms, birth control pills, sponges, patch, spermicidal cream, et al. In case of unprotected sex, a woman must carry emergency contraceptive pills.

Whenever a woman travels for a vacation, she must carry:

Emergency Contraception

If a woman wishes to be sexually active, she must take emergency contraceptive pills such as Plan B with her. It is the best way to protect against unwanted pregnancy. It also comes to rescue when contraception plans do not help. Emergency contraceptives such as Plan B might not be available everywhere. Hence, a woman must carry it with her.


No other contraception method is better than condoms. It also protects against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. It also protects from urinal as well as vaginal infections that occur while having intercourse. They are cheap and are easily available.

Birth Control Patch

Ortho Evra is one of the most preferred birth control patch. A woman must keep the dates in mind while using it. She should carry them if the date is near the travel dates. She should make sure that the patch is in place while she swims, bath, exercise or go for sight- seeing.

NuvaRing , the birth control ring can be used.

Birth Control Injection such as Depo Provera

If a woman is using contraceptive injections, she must check her due date for the next shot. The shots of Depo Provera are generally taken in every 11 to 13 weeks. It is prescribed for twelve weeks. If the dates of travel and shots coincide, a woman must consult her doctor. The manufacturer of Depo Provera, Pfizer recommends to not to wait more than a week for due shot. Taking a shot earlier is a better option. In case of failure of taking shots, a woman must take contraceptive pills, patches, condoms, spermicidal cream, et al.

Barrier Birth Control Method

Barrier birth control methods including diaphragm, contraceptive sponges, cervical caps, are recommended. Also, include spermicidal creams and jellies. If a woman is travelling to a foreign country, she must take a good stock as these birth control methods might be available there.

Additional tips for birth control

  • Women who are travelling for long hours and are on contraceptive pills or hormonal contraception must not sit for too long. They should move, stand, stretch their legs and should change their position many times.
  • Drink more water and less coffee, soft drink and soda.
  • Always have protected sex.
  • Keep condoms, pills and other contraceptive products in cool as well as dry place. Keep them away from heat, sunlight and air. Do not store condoms for too long.
  • Take the pills on time. Irregularity leas to hamper the health of a woman.