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Birth Control Methods For Men

Everybody always talk about female contraceptives but can we take some time and look at all the male contraceptives available. Males have got it easy with only one or two contraceptives compared to women. The most famous are the condoms that are also very convenient. Other than condoms we also have vasectomy which is done by a professional physician. But due to it being unreliable some other measures have been taken. Pharmaceutical companies have started producing hormonal pills and inhibitors for males. To make sure they are still fertile after using them.

Birth Control Methods For Men

Contraceptives injection for males

Contraceptive injection for males is relatively new to hear because it has been introduced now only. An Indian scientist introduced this new idea. This new idea contains an injection which renders sperm motility and decreases the sperm count. Also interfere with the spermatozoa that travel through the sperm pathway. As female contraceptives consist of chemicals male contraceptive injection also consists of chemicals that when induced into the body via injection stays for at least more than 10 years. The chemical is in gel form and because of its long lasting benefit it is beneficial to use for longer period. There have been no complains till now.

Now after a long trial in India this injection has been introduced into the USA. In the initial days the injections potential as sperm reduction has been considered a grave risk but after some time when the laboratories did their work and found it to be risk free. They gave free reign to use it as a male contraceptive.

Not as famous as other contraceptives

People don’t have any ideas about the contraceptive injection because it doesn’t have any other beneficial effects that people should know about. Therefore, it is not as famous as other contraceptives. Also as it has a very long lasting period men usually don’t use any other contraceptive. But this doesn’t protect males from the sexually transmitted disease. This is useful for those couples who don’t need any more kids and who don’t have other sexual partners. Also there are some other methods that are under production.

Other methods

Intra vas devices that are also known as IVD are the implantable plugs that hinder the sperm production and blocks the sperm through the canal. It is similar to the vasectomy done to the males but they differentiate in one aspect. In vasectomy a physician is required to operate but in IVD there is no need for operation also it just needs the plugs inserted inside. After all the production and introduction, the research is going on to know if after using IVDs males can still impregnate their better half or not. It is still in works after the plugs are removed.

  • When heat is applied to testes which can enable infertility.
  • Ultrasound waves are used to interfere with the sperm production.

These are some other methods that are still in question because of their viability as a contraceptive.