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Birth Control Pills and Exercise and Energy Needs

Taking birth control pills is a common and one of the most effective birth control measures. It is also one of the most effective measures for birth control. More and more women adopt this measure to keep away unwanted pregnancy.

Taking birth control pill is quite an easy way to keep unwanted pregnancy at bay but, it requires a lot of modification in the regular lifestyle. It is not just that you take the birth control pill and feel all normal. As the birth control pills carry hormonal ingredients, they bring about certain changes in the body and body systems of the women taking them.

One of the most common changes that occur with popping the birth control pills is feeling tired and sluggish all the time.

Many women take these birth control pills and all of them would agree that taking birth control pills make the feel tired and sluggish. They feel fatigue all the time.

take vitamin B6

There are several ways to deal with fatigue but, the best one is to take vitamin B6. Tufts University carried out a research in this matter and have found out astonishing findings. The reports from the study reveal that, 87 percent of the women who take oral contraceptives but, do not take multivitamin feel low on energy. On the contrary, women who are on birth control pills but, take multivitamins along with it are always high in energy and do not feel any amount of sluggish.

The reason behind feeling low in the absence of multivitamins is that vitamin B6 is the ingredient that the body uses in metabolizing estrogen. Estrogen forms the major ingredient of the birth control pills. Vitamin B6 helps in conversion of food into energy. It also helps in maintaining a healthy nerve functioning. The women who do not have this vital nutrient in enough quantity feel irritability, depression and fatigue.

Taking multivitamin in the daily dose of about 2 mg is sufficient to deal with this issue. 2mg dose of multivitamin is enough for any woman. There are certain foods that carry vitamin B6 and taking these super foods too, is a great option. They include bananas, red pepper and potatoes.

The women who exercise regularly must include the exercises that strengthen the bones. There are certain exercises that intend to strengthen the bones. Doing exercises and activities may take a toll on the health of bones. The bones might not have enough amount of strength to deal with the pressure and stress. Taking the birth control pills alter the active needs. Thus, women must increase the intake of vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium and this offers protection to the bones.

Taking 2000 mg calcium and 800 IU vitamin D regularly during the training periods helps i strengthening of bones and reducing susceptibility to stress fractures. Doubling the dose of calcium to repair the bones that get injured during the training sessions. The food sources that offer these important nutrients include non fat milk and whole grain cereal.