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Can PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome be affected by Birth Control Pills?

Several women suffering from PCOS are generally recommended birth control pills to assist in the regulation of absent or irregular menstrual cycle.

Although, this just controls the menstrual periods artificially without altering the root cause of PCOS, specifically Insulin Resistance. When you discontinue the use of birth control pills, the symptoms of PCOS will persist.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Additionally, a recent study reported in the Fertility and Sterility Journal suggested that the oral contraceptives may aggravate Insulin Resistance. (1)

The study was conducted on 36 adolescent females suffering from PCOS. 50% of the group consumed a birth control pills consisting of an artificial progesterone and the other 50% took an oral contraceptive containing anti-androgenic (a substance which helps in the suppression of testosterone- male sex hormone).

Both the groups suggested a rise in Insulin Resistance. Moreover, the group consuming the birth control pill consisting of anti-androgen reported a rise in both the blood insulin levels and insulin secretion.

As the Insulin Resistance is the major cause of PCOS, females must rethink before considering the utilization of oral contraceptives to regulate absent or irregular menses. The oral contraceptives not only deal with the cause of PCOS but they in fact may exacerbate the Insulin Resistance issue.

It is essential to keep in mind that PCOS is a very complicated syndrome which needs a multi-faceted management. A single pill is not available for the treatment of PCOS. Females with PCOS need to tackle Insulin Resistance with the help of change in lifestyle such as standard exercise regime and improved diet.

(1) Koilipoulos C, Mastorakos G, Diamanti-Kandarakis E, Creatsas G, Deligeoroglou E.;

Effects of 2 kinds of fused birth control pills on the metabolism of carbohydrate in adolescent girls with PCOS.

Medical Benefits of birth control pills in young women with PCOS

  • Less Undesired Hair: Birth Control Pills can reduce the levels of androgen hormone and reduced the quantity of extra hair growth also known as hirsutism. It may take six months before there is a reduction in the undesired hair on the chest, stomach, back and face.
  • Lighter and Regular Periods: Birth Control Pills can assist in the regulation of the menstrual cycle so that the periods visit you in every 28 days or less frequently on extensive pill cycles. The oral contraceptive pill generally results in lighter periods also.
  • Clearer Skin: Birth Control Pills can enhance acne. The hormones in the majority kinds of the Pill can assist in preventing the formation of acne. Although be patient as it can take some months to observe an improvement.
  • Milder or fewer or No Cramps: Birth Control Pills can assist in the reduction of the menstrual cramps.
  • Other medical advantages: As there is reduced menstrual bleeding with the use of birth control pills, females consuming the pill have fewer chances to become anemic. Birth control Pills also reduce the risk of getting ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer (affecting the inner lining of uterus) and ovarian cysts.