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Choices And Options

Life is all about choices that we make. We build our future ourselves. When people find themselves in problems they blame their fate or destiny without realizing that they are the makers of their own destiny. The choices that we make today determines the direction of our life that is going to take shape tomorrow and the day after.

Some of the important choices that one needs to be careful with in life are to do with one's education, career, and value systems and of course love. We can also say that our choices with regard to education, vocation and love are determined by our value system and beliefs. Our values and belief systems are built by and inherited from parents, family, society, environment and education. These factors influence and help us define what we are and determine our values in life. These values help guide and influence our choices in life.

Take the case of love and sex. The youth is very much likely to fall in love easily with the member of the opposite sex early in life. It is natural that the onset of puberty signals the awakening of the sexual interest in the individual. When the hormones are running high, naturally the sexual drive and passion runs high making it natural for the youth of both sexes to be attracted to one another. This is largely a physical phenomenon.

Love on the other hand involves a higher engagement of the individual involving his feelings, his heart, his being, intellect and character as well. When two people fall in love, they are likely to love one another for the rest of their life irrespective of whether they are together and bound in a physical relationship or not. There are many cases where couples have fallen in love but have not been able to be married to one another due to various reasons and lead separate lives but remain in love with one another. As they say, love is eternal.

Understanding of love and passion helps the individual understand himself and choose the right course of action. Physical passion and interest in a particular person of the opposite sex is not likely to last when it is experienced on a physical plane. If the relationship fructifies as a result of love for one another, then physical passion follows naturally and is long lasting.

Are the youth today ready to wait for true love and not fall prey to their physical passion? If you see the trends in the modern society, you will see that it has become to norm of the day to marry and divorce easily and the individuals keep seeking new partners. It is very common to see individuals being married two to three times in their life. If we go seeking physical pleasures which are temporary and make our life's choices based on these fleeting moments, we are asking for trouble. It is important for each one of us to go deep within and re examine our value systems and judgments. We need to build more tolerance and patience in ourselves to be able to wait for true love and only then can we hope to live happily ever after.