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Condoms: the way of preventing Ebola virus spread

Sexual intercourse is the basic need of every human being. Since Ebola virus has spread in a wide area of West African Countries, doctors are putting their best effort to decrease its number of victims. For this purpose, they are telling people about the ways through which Ebola virus can transfer from one person to other. A recent study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that men who survived after being the victim of Ebola virus should use condom. They say that Ebola virus can sustain in semen for much longer time than it was previously thought.

This recommendation is based from the findings about a woman in Liberia who did sex with a man who survived from Ebola few months ago. In this study, it was found that the suffering woman did not travel any area where many people are suffering from Ebola or never made physical contact with anyone till mid March. After that, she had unprotected sex with a survival of Ebola and it is thought that the same person became the reason for Ebola in woman.

Although, the man was declared free from Ebola virus six months earlier but when his semen sample was taken after six months, doctors found some genetic material of Ebola virus in it. When doctors checked the genetic sequence of Ebola virus, it was matching with Ebola virus present in the woman. This working proved that Ebola virus transmitted from man to woman through unprotected sex. Another similar case appeared in the Democratic Republic of Congo but this report was not finalized for presentation.

Now researchers have clear understanding that Ebola virus can sustain in semen for several months even after complete medical course. They recommend such person to either abstain from sexual intercourse or use condom for this purpose. It is very important to prevent the contact with semen of male Ebola survivors. If a male survivor wants to have sex, he should wear condom correctly every time until his semen tests regarding Ebola virus comes normal.

Many other researchers are doing their work to find the time for which Ebola virus stays in the body even after complete medication. This will help doctors to understand Ebola virus in a better way and more lives can be saved through it. Still, the researchers are not sure if sex is really responsible for transmitting Ebola virus. In a recent report, a woman had sex with a survivor of Ebola but she did not receive Ebola virus. This report was quite interesting for the researchers because before that they have made their minds that sexual intercourse is the main reason behind Ebola virus transmission.