Birth Control Without Prescription

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Contraceptive Implants As A Birth Control

Implants are kind of contraceptive that are reversible, effective, and easy to use. Implants are small and made up of silicon rods that consist of the hormone levonorgestrel that helps in preventing pregnancy. Most of the women don’t know about implantable birth control. They are very easy to use, once they are implanted right above the elbow and you don’t have to look for any protection for 3 years. They release the hormones into the blood stream and are more effective in women with 160 pounds. The only con in a sea of pros is that it has one side-effect that is irregular menstrual bleeding that may be a problem for some women otherwise most of the women are satisfied with the results. These side-effects are mainly explained to the patient before the use of the contraceptive by the doctor.

Contraceptive Implants

Another implant that has been in use is intrauterine contraceptive device that is inserted into the vagina. Iucds like copper-t and progestasert system. They both work in preventing pregnancy. They are beneficial for the women who are multiparous, in a monogamous relationship and who have low risk of stds. The iucds works by giving a sense of foreign body in the uterus which renders the movement of sperm difficult. Vaginal rings can also be used as contraceptive. It has different progestogens in different doses that have been tried. It makes the cervical mucus thick, therefore making the sperm’s survival into the cervix almost impossible. It is 50-75mm in diameter and 5-9 mm thick. The cervical ring contains Lng releasing 20mcg hormone and 15 mcg EE2. It is effective for 3 weeks and it should be removed after completing 3 weeks as it will not be as effective as it was before.

The implants are slow, sustained release, long acting and with reduced side-effects. Implants are best for women who doesn’t like frequent visits to the clinics and to ensure even release of the hormone and reduce the side-effects while maintain the efficacy, implants containing various amounts of progestogen have been used subdermally. Implants like norplant-1 and norplant-2. Implants are inserted on the first day of menses or within 5 days of abortion and 3 weeks after the delivery. The woman has to use some other contraceptive for 1 week while still on implants. As the hormones usually take time to deliver the result and in that time period pregnancy may occur if not taken precaution. Implanon is used for insertion and removal which contains 67mg desogestrel and does not require an incision to insert. It eludes 30mcg of the hormone and the effects lasts upto 3 years. The failure is less or none and it prevents ovulation. The implants are very easy to remove and after 1 month of removal you can conceive. Also lactating mothers can use them without any harm. Women over the age of 40 years can also use them. It is beneficial in preventing osteoporosis and does not affect the liver on its first pass.