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Empower Women Through Better Health Care

When we talk of a global world and the developing civilizations, we are perhaps referring to the advancements in science and technology, its impact on our lives and our current lifestyles. Life is much better and more comfortable for many as compared to the yester years. Most modern countries and societies are enjoying the benefits of technology that makes their life easier and healthier. Healthcare has made unprecedented advancement thanks to technology. Those who can afford to pay for health care will find that there is a cure or a solution for every health problem that they are likely to face. It is now common for people to aspire to live beyond eighties especially in the advanced countries where healthcare is the best.

On a global level, we may have contained diseases like Malaria, Cholera and other killer diseases. However malnutrition and inadequate or poor health care facilities in the developing and underdeveloped nations continue to be the major problem areas. In most countries we find women‘s health being neglected. Though men and women do succumb to the same kind of diseases and health problems, the health of women is different from that of men simply because of the fact that they are biologically different. A woman goes through puberty, childbirth and menopause in her lifetime and these biological processes bring about major changes to her health and body. The natural duties of women and their role in the family as well as society require them to be healthy, energetic and active. When the woman is the backbone of the home and the society, it is essential that she be healthy. Therefore there is a need for focusing on woman‘s health at all levels in the society, region as well as the country and finally at the global level.

Every child‘s health and development is intrinsically connected to the health of the mother. In most underdeveloped countries, we find children suffering due to the inability and poor health of the mother. Childbirth defects and problems can also be traced to the malnutrition and ill health of the mother during pregnancy.

Though we live in the twenty first century and talk about women empowerment and equality, gender inequality is prevalent in most of the societies. Giving a lesser status to women has been a part of the psyche in most societies and accordingly women‘s issues tend to get neglected. The issue of gender inequality goes deeper than this. The inequality is reflected in the areas of education, income, employment and in all walks of life. Consequently women are not equipped and empowered to look after their health.

Studies on women‘s health show up the same trends for the past decades without much change. The inequalities can be co-related to the economic status of the families, of the community as well at the country level. The advanced countries and societies reflect less number of childbirth related complications and death of the mother as against the poor countries and underdeveloped societies.

Celebrating womanhood and motherhood therefore should begin with campaigning for better health care for women globally. If the mother is happy and healthy, the children‘s future is safe too, so is the future of the society and the nation.