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Faith, Devotion And Love Gives You Health And Happiness Too

Women and men are built and made different. Women we believe go through a lot more in life generally when compared to women. They go through monthly menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause etc which are major challenges faced by the woman. They also play so many roles in life from being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a neighbor, aunt etc all at the same time. Apart from juggling all these roles, they also pursue career goals and earn an income to support their family. A woman's life is full of challenges all the time. Woman is the anchor for the entire family and the entire society too.

With the kind of physical, mental and emotional challenges that women face, one would wonder as to how it is that she manages all her multiple facets of life and gets that energy and health from?. Well the secret lies in the woman's psyche and attitude. In fact when compared to men, women tend to suffer more both in terms of physical health as well as mental health. But then women have an indomitable spirit that enables them to rise above all circumstances.

There is a mother in every woman. As the mother she is ready to do anything and everything for the sake of her children. She raises them and protects them. Her abundant love gives her a larger heart and the tenacity as well as the perseverance to see through life. These in turn strengthen her persona both in terms of her psychological makeup as well as physical energy.

If you see the women who are loving and kind towards children and all, you will also notice that they have an unshaken faith and bond with God. They take time to be in solitude and in communion with the lord and derive strength as well as guidance from their inner conscience during their communion. This kind of faith gives them the strength too. They believe in the protection of their lord and surrender completely. Such feeling of absolute surrender helps kill the ego and allows divine grace to fill the mind and the heart. In other words they live in the light and truth.

It is this faith and devotion that gives them the strength to maintain their mental balance, to discern the truth, to face and overcome the challenges in life as well as rise above the circumstances. The fact that they have surrendered themselves in their faith and do not act with the thought of self means they do not identify with the outcome of any action. They perform the action joyously for their lord and act their role to perfection and leave the rest to the divine destiny.

Anybody who perfects this attitude is unattached to the life's successes and failure. She does not get entangled in desires and disappointments and is save from being tossed on the rough seas. The faith and devotion bring about a calm mind and a pure heart which also promote a healthy body. Thus the mothers give and serve others with love and in turn are blessed with abundance for themselves too.


Lifespan of a female is divided into three periods.


It extends from birth to puberty. During this period, primary and accessory sex organs do not function. These organs remain quiescent. Puberty occurs at the age of 12-15 years.


The second period extends from the onset of puberty to the onset of menopause. The first menstrual cycle is known as menarche. The permanent stoppage of menstrual cycle in old age is called menopause, which occurs at the age of about 45 to 50 years. During the period between menarche and menopause, women menstruate and reproduce.


This period extends after menopause to the rest of the life.