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Hormonal Birth Control and Period Pain

Period pain often gets unbearable for many women. In such case they tend to take over- the - counter medications. But, for many women, these medications do not help and they suffer some serious problems during their period. Thus, there is a need for them to understand all the pain relief options that are available at their disposal.

Hormonal birth control is an amazing option to deal with period pain. Here, we have shown the complete process of periods and hormonal influence in this process.

Hormonal Birth Control

Hormones and Periods

Every month, the woman's ovaries release an egg. This egg then travels via the fallopian tubes and reach the uterus. In uterus, the egg gets fertilized by the sperm. Before the release of the egg, the wall of the uterus tends to get thicken. This is kind of a preparation to receive the fertilized egg. If there is an absence of fertilization, the wall of the uterus sheds all the extra lining. The process of uterine wall thickening and release of egg are controlled by the hormones. Taking hormonal birth control interferes with this process.

The hormonal contraceptives ban the egg from getting out of the ovary. Also, it cuts of the number of prostaglandins that are produced inside the uterus. These prostaglandins regulate the contraction of muscles. This uterine contraction leads to period pain. The contraction happens to shed the lining. If the prostaglandins are less, pain will be less.

Best Type of Contraceptive

The women who want to get pregnant must stay away from them. There are many kinds of hormonal birth controls including pills, ring, patch, intrauterine devices and Depo shots.

The pills are the best option to control period pain. While, combination methods are also considered apt. Combination of estrogen and progestin, like combination pills, rings and patches are of great help.

Women who experience a very painful period with heavy bleeding must go for the extended cycle birth control. This is especially designed for women having heavy and painful periods. In this a break is given from the usual by allowing the periods to occur once. But, this measure should only be adopted under the guidance of medical professional.

Health Risk

Like everything in this world, the measures for birth control also have some positive points and some negative points. Taking hormonal contraceptives tends to increase the susceptibility of a woman to cardiovascular diseases. This is true for women smokers who are over 35 years of age.

Taking combination birth control increases the susceptibility to cervical cancer, breast cancer and liver tumours. But, also it leads to a decreased risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers.

The use of intrauterine devices causes a greater susceptibility to infection of reproductive organs.

Birth control measures are not meant only for sexually active women; it can be used as a hormonal therapy to regulate and lighten the periods. It also relives pain that women experience during periods.

Now that you know the benefits and the drawbacks o the hormonal birth control, make the apt decision.