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How You Make Your Periods Worst – Unknowingly

What you might know as your monthly “Period”, all the science-y folks out there call a “Menstrual Cycle”. They know all there is to know about it, why it occurs, how it occurs, when, etc. But believe me when I say this, they might just be as clueless about this as you are in certain aspects. Only we, experts and those of us who have gained this knowledge the hard way know what it entails. Your cycle sucks enough, we are well aware. But you are adding to it by committing what can be rightly termed as the Menstrual Sins.

So to make the most of the most gruelling time of the month, DO NOT EVER CONSIDER....

1. Stressing – Big Time.

Stress? It is a sweet and unsuspecting little word that is perfectly capable of killing you brutally, all the while smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Seriously people? Stressing is a big time no-no, no matter what is being discussed, especially when it comes to your period. Stress releases a human flight or fight hormone called “Cortisol”. Its presence in your blood stream can drastically change the regularity of your menstrual habits which may extend to irregular period, or even complete loss of menses altogether for months.

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep.

For most of you out there, getting eight hours of sleep is just not a possibility. That’s alright we understand that. But you also have to understand this that apart from all the other physiological issues that may arise from it, one of them just might not be worth it, i.e. your Monthly Cycle.

According to a study published in “Health Care Women International”, says that irregular sleep habits can trigger similar irregularities in your menstrual cycle. We are not only talking about shorter periods or complete loss menses like we did earlier, but it can also result in longer periods. Now we wouldn’t want that would we?

Therefore, try developing a sleep pattern that can work with your daily routine and stick to it.

3. Work Way Too Much.

Unless you are training to be a part of the next Olympic Games (In that case, good for you), putting your body through arduous exercising and stress is just not worth all the consequences, such as a hormonal imbalance that may lead to an irregular cycle. Still, that doesn’t mean that it is allowed for you to become a lazy Daisy just to maintain your hormonal balance? Hell no.... In fact a moderate 30 minute work session everyday can help you relieve your PMS related struggles. Good eh?

4. Chugging Coffee.

Coffee might be the only think that gets you out of bed and to work every single day but this cup of power may come accompanied with a big time increase in PMS related emotional downers such a tension, anxiety, irritability and insomnia. So you better look out for that.

5. Skipping the Pill.

What if I told you that the sacred “PILL” is one of the major PMS symptom that can make you go “Kill Me Now”. Having a hard time believing that now are you? Well let me explain... Since the “Pill” works by controlling the body’s hormones, missing a single dose or more than one dose can result in bleeding as well as irregular spotting. Thus, skipping the pill is a big no-no if you want to be pain free.

6. Over Indulge During The Happy Hour.

Alcohol might be a great way to celebrate just about anything but if it results in a painful period and prolonged cramps, don’t you think too much of it is just not worth it?

7. Travelling Way Too Much.

Travel has a direct tie-in with your sleep schedule, especially if you are sailing or flying across different time zones. Why? Well, it causes an increase in the production of “Melatonin” in your body which may result in delay in your periods until its levels return to normal.