Birth Control Without Prescription

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Is Birth Control Patch Effective?

There are several kinds of birth control measures that a women adapt to prevent pregnancy when they are not prepared to conceive. There are certain birth control measures that are effective but, the parents have to wait for a year or more to get it off to get pregnant and have their baby.

There are several birth control measures used these days. Out of all the measures, there are several uncommon measures that are not widely adopted. One of these uncommon birth control measures is birth control patch.

Birth control patch is a square shaped, slim patch which is not more than 1 ¾ inches. This patch is put on the skin of the woman. The patch helps in birth control by releasing certain hormones as well as chemicals into the blood stream. These hormones help in birth control by controlling organs in the body. They control the functioning of many organ systems.

As this birth control measure is not broadly used, many women shy away from using it. They are sceptical and have several questions in their mind regarding the birth control patch. They also question the effectiveness of the birth control patch sitting on the skin. The birth control patch somewhat works similar to the nicotine patch that releases the right chemicals inside the blood stream that help one to quit smoking.

Birth control patch contains the prominent female hormones, estrogen as well as progesterone. These hormones are released inside the blood stream of the woman and help in forbidding the process of ovulation.

During the process of ovulation, a woman releases eggs from the ovaries during her menstrual cycle. In the absence of egg, the sperm of male would not get anything to fertilize. And hence, the woman would not get pregnant.

The hormones have many other functions inside a woman’s body. The hormones help to thicken mucus which is developed inside the cervix if a woman. When the mucus is thick, the sperm find it quite difficult to travel to the egg in order to fertilize it. Also, the fertilized egg, if any, finds it difficult to stick to the uterus wall. This helps to prevent pregnancy.

The use of birth control patch largely depends on the menstrual cycle of the woman. She needs to use the patch in accordance with her cycle. The ideal time to set the birth control patch is on the very first day of the initiation of the cycle. And then, she needs to use it once in a week for the coming 3 weeks. She can place the birth control patch on her upper arm, stomach, upper torso or on the buttocks. On the fourth week, the needs to take the patch off her body. The menstrual cycle starts after this.

The birth control patch is an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is also one of the easiest ways to keep the pregnancy away if the man and the woman are not ready to have a baby.