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Is Birth Control Pill Safe For Females With Migraines?

Migraines are not daily headaches. They can cause light sensitivity, nausea along with immense throbbing pain and at times auras, which are strange sensations or flashes of light. Many females suffering from migraine are in their reproductive years and consume hormone-based contraceptives. For few females, taking contraceptives might aid in relieving migraines. But for others, headaches are intensified by the pill. If you are suffering from migraine and are thinking about taking birth control pills, then here are few things to be known. According to scientific evidence, birth control pills might not be safe in women suffering from migraines. Majority of the contraceptive options consists of a hormone- estrogen. The estrogen has a tendency to increase the chances formation of blood clot. Blood clots take place more often in the legs, but seldom may the clots develop in the heart resulting in strokes or heart attack. If you suffer from migraines with aura, then consuming estrogen-based birth control pills can elevate the risk of stroke to a higher level.

A stroke is defined as impairment in the brain causing the death of brain cells. In turn, this may result in death or paralysis. Only 4-5 females out of 100,000 females in the age group of 20-44 suffer from strokes every year. Unluckily, women suffering from migraine tend to undergo a stroke. These females with migraines have 4 times more possibility to suffer a stroke as their peers who don’t suffer from migraines.


The case is worse with the females suffering from migraine who also consume estrogen-consisting contraceptive pills. They are 7 times as prone as their peers to experience a stroke. For females suffering from migraines and consume birth control pills, the ring or the patch, the rate is 28-35 in every 100,000 females every year.

Females who suffer from migraines, smokes and also used estrogen as contraceptives are at an even higher risk. These females are 34 times more likely to undergo a stroke. In other terms, in females suffering from migraines, who also smoke and consume estrogen-consisting contraceptive, there are nearly 170 strokes in every 100,000 women every year.

Thus, females suffering from migraines are firmly motivated to consume alternate options of birth control which does not consist of estrogen.

The recent research states that migraines might be associated to the total nutritional state of the body. Scientific studies have proven that compounds present in migravent assist in the prevention of migraines. Migravent controls the strength of these various natural compounds which invade the mechanisms that result in migraine headaches.

It is advised that if you are suffering from migraine and using birth control, then it is better to consult your doctor for alternate options. And yes, you totally have to quit smoking if you suffer from migraines and are on birth control. On the basis of your medical history, your physician will assist you in deciding the best pill. Other alternate contraceptives like vaginal rings, injections and intrauterine rings can also be explored.