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Lactating Mothers And Contraceptives

After a baby is born women start lactating and while they are lactating they cannot get pregnant. But this rule is not set in cement. Sometimes when the couple start their normal sex life after the birth of their baby, they can get pregnant. It has been advised by the doctor to have atleast 6 weeks gap after birth to have sex. It takes 2 weeks for healing of the vagina and if the baby is big then a episiotomy must have been done which means it must take the mother 4 weeks for the stitches to heal and to continue their normal sex life. Sometimes after delivery the women doesn’t gain her libido for a long time because of the massive hormonal change. Therefore, it has been recommended that women use contraceptive while they are lactating.

Lactating Mothers

Lactational amenorrhoea method

It is also known as LAM and is only beneficial if you are lactating. This method is valid only for the first 6 months of lactation. You have to nurse your baby and no other milk should be feed to the baby. You have to feed the baby every 4 hours and at night you have to feed every 6 hours and from both breasts. This method is only valid for 6 months so use other contraceptive after 6 months.

Hormonal contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptives are pills such as combined pills, and minipill. They contain hormones like estrogen and progestin but it has been found that estrogen can harm the baby, as it can be secreted into the breast milk. Therefore hormonal contraceptives that contain estrogen has been eliminated like combined pill, patches, and vaginal rings. The progestin only pills can be used as they don’t get mixed into the breast milk. Also mirena , depo-provera, and hormonal iucd can also be used. Some doctors claim that the progestin only pill can also be secreted into the milk therefore it should not be used. If you have doubts you can always use another method.

Barrier methods

Barrier methods include condoms both male and female, also diaphragm, cervical cap, and shields. You can use them after 6 weeks. Spermicide should only be used when you know your vagina has been healed properly.


Iucds are intrauterine contraceptive devices such as copper-t. A copper-t consists copper and it is inserted into the vagina by a professional after giving birth. They are no-nuisance type, you don’t have to go to the doctor’s clinic every few days. If you decide that you want another child then you can get it removed. It does not affect breast-milk and therefore beneficial to use.

Know about your fertility

Having a baby is no cherry on top, it is exhausting and emotional but a baby brings happiness in a family. You must consult your doctor and ask the doctor about how to track your fertility. Not to have sex on unsafe days and always before conceiving do the family planning. Family planning will solve many of your problems.