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Learn the use of Birth Control Techniques

It is an admitted fact that we have made a great progress in the field of science and technology but we did not care about our future problem. A problem which is becoming bigger and bigger every year is the world population. World's population is about 6.3 billion according to the current data. An increase of 1.8% of total population is being seen in one year. You can imagine the population of world after 20 to 30 years. Definitely it will be very great and huge. Have we thought about this problem? May be Not. It is the time when we can control the population. After a long study, different methods and techniques have been introduced to control the world's population.

We all know about the fertilization. Population is increasing due to the increasing birth rate. Birth rate can only be controlled by avoiding the fertilization process. Sometimes couple does not want to produce the baby but they do not know how they can avoid fertilization. The answer of their question is very simple. If they really want to avoid fertilization then they should adopt any of the below mentioned methods. It is true that no couple can wait for 2 to 3 years of having sex. So he can use the following techniques during sex and can prevent the fertilization.

Birth Control Techniques

Condoms are abundantly available in market at reasonable price. Their price is very small that a common person can also afford it. If the male use it during sex then no fertilization will occur and the female will not get pregnant. Condom is a barrier which is used on the penis. It stops the movement of semen towards the eggs. Female condom is also a good way to prevent the fertilization. It is used by female inside its vagina. The purpose and working of this condom is same as that of male condom. Use condom only one time. You may get sexual problems due to again use.

Contraceptive pills are made for the birth control. These pills are made by different pharmaceutical companies. You can choose the brand according to your choice. You can also consult with your family doctor. The use of right dose of contraceptive pill is very necessary. An over dose may be harmful for you. Every pill is effective for a specific duration. You would have to take another dose after this duration otherwise you may get pregnant after having sex.

Well, if we talk about the history of birth control then you will come to know that this term is quite ancient. In the past, those women who want to avoid the pregnancy used the mixture of different ingredients. In India this mixture was made by combining honey, rock salt, seeds of palasa tree and ghee. Sometimes palm leaf and red chalk is also introduced in to the mixture for better results. They found better results from its use. Now the medicines which are made to avoid the pregnancy also contain some composition of these ingredients.