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Mircette is birth control pill that is used as a contraceptive. Other than just birth control, Mircette is also used for treating several skin related and uterine disorders like acne and irregular menstruation. It is made up of two female hormones – ethinylestradiol and desogestrel that control the inner lining of the uterus and the cervical mucus.

Mircette is sold in the form of several brand names, namely Apri, Azurette, Desogen, Kariva, Orth-Cept, Velivet, etc.

How does Mircette work?

Mircette works by blocking the entry of a fertilized egg into the uterus. It also acts by thickening the mucus in the uterus and the cervical passage that allows the sperms to move through into the uterus. Mircette thickens the cervical mucus thus making it difficult for the sperms to effectively enter the cervix.

Warning signs before using Mircette

Like any other birth control, Mircette comes with its own warning signs and symptoms. Check with the following conditions and if any one of them is met, consider taking the matter with your doctor before using the pill. Also consider switching to another birth control if any of the following warning signs are present:

  • A history of blood clotting and related issues in your family or your medical past.
  • If you’ve had heart problems before or apprehend that you might have in the future.
  • Above 35 years of age and smoke at least 15 cigarettes a day.
  • Have had a history of liver cancer or other liver related issues.
  • Suffered from breast or uterine cancer before.
  • A pattern of recurring headaches or migraines.
  • Recently have had irregular bleedings.
  • Visionary problems.
  • If you’re diabetic.
  • A history of jaundice caused by consuming birth control.
  • Suffered from tuberculosis.
  • If you’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy that causes massive seizures.
  • A history of depression.

If you’ve had any of these medical conditions or foresee in the future that you might suffer from any of these, communicate it with your doctor. Its best to have past medical events preserved as documents as that would greatly help your doctor give you the best advice.

Administering Mircette

Mircette’s administration is similar to contraceptives used by other brands. Start using the pill on the first day of your period and never miss out on the dosage. The number of tablets you need to take will be decided by your doctor. Other than that, take not more than or lesser than the prescribed amount. Doing so could lead to unneeded complications.

Side effects

Mircette exhibits a lot of side effects common to birth control pills and contraceptives. Some of these exhibits can be:

  • Signs of strokes.
  • Sudden numbness, feeling of weakness, slurred speech and vision.
  • Liver problems.
  • Swelling in hands, ankles or feet.
  • Symptoms of depression – weakness, tired feeling and moodiness.
  • Light bleeding and spotting.
  • Feelings of nausea and vomiting.
  • Change in weight and appetite.

Any of the above effects should be enough for immediate help.

Birth Control for Fit Girls

Birth Control for Fit Girls

For a woman, getting fit and staying fit takes twice as much effort as it does for a man. Our genetic makeup is not meant to produce lean and mean bodies; it is geared towards producing a gentle child bearing environment. So, it is vital that we women, need to take measures to counter this natural predilection. Birth control measure can go a long to keep these genetic and hormonal factors in check and hence allow us to achieve our target physique of lean muscle. Birth control has the same effect for women who are not into fitness as well as woman who dedicate their lives for fitness. But, the difference is that its effects are all the more important for us.

What's striking is that if someone is purposefully working on avoiding pregnancy, it is more plausible to have an elevated hormonal. Birth control pills which are widely used throughout the world contain a hormone called as estrogen. Since the typical woman’s period cycle and ovulation processes are totally controlled by these hormones, the increase in estrogen due to taking the birth control pills brings in a raft of different alterations within the reproductive system of a woman, which results the prevention of pregnancy. But we as women of fitness, try to reduce the amount of estrogen and increase the amount of testosterone (this is the hormone that helps in building lean muscle). Therefore, birth control pills may not be the best option as they increase the estrogen levels which is not a good thing for fitness.

To solve this quandary, we have a particular type of pill that has only Progestin and does not have any of the estrogen. This means that we would not be affected by the high levels of estrogen. This kind of progestin pills only work by increasing the thickness of the cervical mucus which in turn reduces the chances or prevents the sperm from entering the uterus. The caveat with this kind of a pill is that they must be taken at the same time of every day. Although these medicines don't hold any estrogen and contain only progestin, they're not considered a very figure-oriented pill by any means. The trouble with this kind of pill is that it increases our appetite which basically translates to having a harder time keeping to diets.

So far we have seen what kind of pills are available on the market, but now let's spend some time to see which kind of pills are popular amongst women in fitness and woman who are interested in putting on lean mass.

Women who are into fitness typically use the lower dose alternatives to the pills mentioned above. These kinds of pills are monophasic pills whose quantity of estrogen would be either around 35 micrograms or less than 35 micrograms. A few examples of this type of tablet include Nordette, LoOvral, and Ortho-Cept. These are the standard ones that most women in fitness use as a birth control measure, there may be several other pills on the market that do the same function and may be useful for birth control for women in fitness.