Birth Control Without Prescription

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Non Hormonal Method Of Contraception

While hormonal birth control pills are historically what humans consider once they pay attention the term "start manipulate," they are not the only alternatives. there are several relatively-powerful non-hormonal techniques of delivery manipulate to be had as an opportunity for the ones who've had detrimental reactions to hormonal pills inside the past or who really do not need to debris with their hormones. Here are the most popular.

Condom and Diaphragm

Even as the mixed (estrogen/progestin) or mini (progestin only) delivery manage tablets are very popular and extraordinarily effective; they are not for each person. Capability facet results run the gamut from moderate weight fluctuation to depression to extra serious reactions together with liver harm, blood clots, or worse. Thankfully, non-hormonal options are easily to be had, cheaper, and extremely effective, mainly if used along with at least another method. The most common form of non-hormonal birth control is the best antique condom. If used well, condoms are effective at stopping being pregnant over ninety seven% of the time, which is a good deal higher than the general public think. Furthermore, the condom is one of the simplest bureaucracy that also facilitates save you the unfold of sexually transmitted diseases. unnecessary to mention, it's miles encouraged you use a condom whenever you've got sex, no matter what different kinds of birth manipulate you'll be the use of.

Some other popular form of non-hormonal start manage is the diaphragm. A diaphragm is usually custom equipped with the aid of a gynecologist and is enormously less expensive. You without a doubt insert earlier than intercourse and voila, you're covered. Diaphragms are up to ninety four percentage effective if used well whenever. It is pretty true, however no longer pretty as desirable as hormonal capsules. But, you may without problems make up lost ground by combining a diaphragm with a condom. Used properly in conjunction, this non-hormonal approach is every bit as effective as any hormonal pill.


  • Can be used intermittently if the requirement for contraception is simply occasional.
  • for women World Health Organization cannot use hormones for medical, breastfeeding, or different reasons, barrier strategies, love the preventive, condom, diaphragm, contraceptive sponge, spermicide, copper birth control device square measure all hormone-free strategies.
  • Many strategies square measure cheap, however might not be lined by insurance as a result of they're over-the-counter (OTC).
  • some strategies square measure simply accessible while not a prescription at retail stores, and square measure simplytransferable.


  • Besides for the copper IUD, these techniques require diligent and regular use to prevent pregnancy.
  • Except for the copper IUD, these methods may be related better failure prices when compared to start manipulate pills or other hormonal delivery control options.
  • Some strategies can't be used throughout menstruation.
  • Some methods might also intrude with sexual spontaneity.

There are possible alternatives to hormonal delivery control capsules in barrier strategies such as condoms and diaphragms. Used together, they're even greater powerful and defend against the unfold of sexually transmitted diseases in addition.