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Perimenopause And Birth Control: When to Stop the Pill!

Perimenopause occurs just before the menopausal phase. Officially, menopause begins immediately when the menstruation has ended, and 3-5 years prior to it starts the perimenopause. As several changes take place in the body, should you rethink about your contraceptive options?

So if you are in your fifties or late forties. Your body starts working in a different way. If you are not certain about the variations that take place in your body after using the birth control, what will your reaction be? You can still become pregnant even if you are on your menstrual period. A birth control should be used always except if you had your last menstrual period in the last year, because generally an irregularity is seen in the menstrual periods and it takes a long time for perimenopause. If you completely believe on fertility conscious methods of contraception, they might no longer be effective, because you will not be able to trace your menstrual cycle appropriately. If you use barrier dependent birth control methods, then the regular method you use can be continues such as sponge, diaphragm, and condoms. The trouble during perimenopause is observed if you are utilizing hormonal contraception like the patch or the pill or the vaginal ring amidst others.

Some healthcare professionals suggest you to switch from oral contraceptive pills to those low-dosage birth control pills during the phase of perimenopause. This implies that using a BC pill which has nearly 20 micrograms of estrogen like Loestrin or Alesse, rather than the usual 30-50 mg of estrogen in a combination drug. The advantages of shifting to a low dosage hormonal contraceptive are that a protection will be provided to you against pregnancy, and your last periods will possibly be more normal. Several females find that their after effects are less than the lower dosages of estrogen. A vaginal ring known as NuvaRing is used which is placed one time in a month and the after 21 days it is removed; it has a very low formulation of estrogen than the majority of the birth control pills.

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However, many women don’t enjoy if they are recommended to undergo hormonal medication for the entire life. You might opt to switch to some other birth control forms. These comprise of IUDs, or changing to a birth control method using a barrier such as condoms, cervical cap etc.

Menopause and perimenopause is a time of drastic changes in the life of a woman. This is a very crucial time and a woman should definitely take care of the body. Several women are very busy in their lives giving importance to other people’s lives first: you should take time and enhance your own life by consulting your physician and taking logical decisions about the use of additional hormones during the perimenopausal phase.

There are several ways to manage with the after effects of perimenopause. Try to reduce the alcohol and caffeine intake. Some females utilize the progesterone-cream to alleviate their after effects.