Birth Control Without Prescription

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Periods are not needed if the New Oral Contraceptive Pill is used

In the initial days, Yasmin was available - the regular contraceptive pill which provided 4 periods to a woman in a year. Females now grabbed the opportunity to seek a way out from their periods. Why to bear with it, if you don't wish to?

These days, "the pill" has been refined a lot with no-period or lighter-period contraceptive along with the no-acne, no - PMS pills also. Seasonique, Seasonale, Yaz, Beyaz, Anya and Yasmin have transformed the face of oral contraceptive pills. Lybrel (Anya) is a no-period oral contraceptive pill. This is the 1st low dosage oral contraceptive formulated to be consumed 365 days, without a pill-free interval or placebo.


For several females, menstruation can be mood-altering, inconvenient and painful too. You can take the pill daily without any delay for years, and the menstruation can be eliminated during its intake.

All these are just the variations of the conventional birth control pills - mixing mini-doses of progestin and estrogen - and established safe after several years of research, states Christopher Estes, MD, assistant professor in Gynecology and obstetrics at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine.

They all consist of low dosages of estrogen - and a low-dosage pill is everything less than 50 mg of estrogen, he says. In the market, there no more exist the high-dosage pills.

All those females who might be fascinated by the new pill are the working sector professionals, who want to gain the ability to control their lives and have more regulation over their own bodies. The trouble caused during menstruation will become an old thing. Other people who may wish to consume the pill will be all those women suffering from physical uneasiness caused because of the hormonal variations during the menstrual cycle. Those females who face several PMS symptoms like bloating, mood swings and fatigue may feel the need of this pill.

Majority of American women recently consume oral contraceptives, in a normal dosage of 21 days. For 7 days after the consumption of pill, they might stop for a week, or go on placebos for 7 days. In the due course of 7 days, the female undergoes her menstrual cycle.

The new contraceptive operates in a way similar to the old pills, but consists of low dose of hormones. This low dose is due to the fact that it is consumed daily, instead of just 21 out of 28 days. The scientific research suggested that there shouldn't be any reason for which most females cannot consume the pill daily.

The Major Differences in the New Pill

  • There are some "non-active" contraceptives which trigger a period.
  • The formulations of hormones in the new pills are little different, producing lighter periods if you have one.
  • A new type of progestin which is utilized in some pills aid in the reduction of physical symptoms and severe mood which some females have to go through prior to their menstrual periods, known as PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder.