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Pregnancy and Lupus in Controlled state

Last years before, it was said that with the lupus problem women suffer from many complexities of pregnancies. In lupus condition, immune system does attack on the tissues (damage of lungs, skin, heart, brain and joints) and this attack spread out very rapidly. But now new research sorts out this problem by saying that in a controlled state of lupus, women can expect a healthy pregnancy and give birth of a healthy child as well. This study is consisting of 385 pregnant women and it was noted that about 81% women gave birth a normal healthy child. It is not an easy task because many of the women can suffer from loss of pregnancy and other risk and complications in the high blood pressure conditions and other risky symptoms. Many experts are not clear about the reason that why black and Spanish women are suffering more than the white women.

Doctors are also playing an important role by telling women that if they are willing for pregnancy and have symptoms of Lupus then they should control on this problem so they can deliver a healthy baby child. Hahn said, there is a limited researches on this topic, that is why it is not a universally accepted that Lupus can effect on pregnancy and can cause a unhealthy child delivery. Moreover Dr. Jill Buyon added that in the result of this research we are able to say that women can become pregnant along with the problem of Lupus. And study assures all of us that we are doing the right thing which acts effectively. And research gave us a clear picture about the complications of pregnancy for women. It does not mean that risk factor stops the pregnancy but women and her doctor should be well prepared and study is helpful to guide the patient about this matter as well.

In this condition when women become pregnant then maternal-fetal medicine specialist or doctor high risk pregnancy specialist should work with rheumatologist for better out come. Hahn said, all the possible condition should be included in treatment - all the anticoagulant measured and blood pressure should be noted - and discuss about the strategies which you did after the prescription of the doctor.