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Pregnant Women should not use Marijuana

MarijuanaIn this study a special guideline provided to the pregnant women that use of the marijuana in this special period of time may cause a great effect during pregnancy period and some other elements found in Marijuana change the development of the child's brain. Dr. Jeffrey Ecker, said, women who are pregnant of trying to be a pregnant should left the use of the marijuana immediately because study also support this idea that Marijuana put a bad health effect on pregnant women. It is also proven through study that by the introduction of Marijuana in the womb may create a visual problem for the child. Visual motor coordination, visual problem solving and visual analysis as compare to the other child who are away from this.

Reduction in the attention and some attitude problem may cause due to the high exposure with the Marijuana. Dr. Katrina Mark supported that exposure of the Marijuana may put a bad effect regarding brain problem and it also cause a long term behavior problem for the children. It is estimated that about half of the pregnant women are using Marijuana and most of the women are using it illegally, said by ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) committee. Committee also said that many of the women using Marijuana who are financially weak and according o other report, the use of the Marijuana form 2 percent to 5 percent has been uplift from 15 percent to 28 percent. About 19 States allowed the use of Marijuana for the medical purposes and four states; Washington, Alaska, Colorado and Oregon still allowed the Marijuana for recreational purposes.

Marks noted that many of the women are still using Marijuana on daily basis without any issue but some women said they are using to sort out pregnancy issues like Nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. Moreover there is an alarming situation when we put bird eye view on all over the world, Marks Said. The legalization of the Marijuana making it acceptable in our social life and due to the high acceptance many of the pregnant women is using Marijuana which is not a safe condition. ACOG reported that Tetra-hydrocannabinol (THC) which is a hazardous element of marijuana found in the tests of the animals which enter in to the blood circulation for the development of Fetus. Report also suggested that exposure of the Marijuana in the womb also effect the child brain and there is also a possibility that child will be addicted of drug in their adult age.

Ecker and Mark concluded that pregnant women should use other medicines to resolve the morning sickness and other pregnancy problems rather the use of the Marijuana which is dangerous for them. Like if a patient is using marijuana for the Nausea problem then there is another medicine available which is good alternate of Marijuana and safe to use.