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Reduced Dosage Of Pregnancy Control Pills

Pregnancy control pills are made up of two very important hormones known as progestin and estrogen. A reduced dose of pregnancy pills mean that the level of estrogen and progestin are reduced, those are synthetic hormones in a pill. But if you have no idea what a reduced dose pill means you won’t get anything else.

Pregnancy Control Pills: Dosage

The most sought after question is how much lower is effective enough. Well the answer to that will be you can go extra low dose with the new drugs coming up. The list can be provided anywhere, what you need to do before buying the contraceptive pills is you need to consult your doctor and ask them what dose should be recommended. The most used dosage these days are 0.035mg contraceptive pills or a modern version extra low dose contraceptive pill that is 0.20mg. The reduced dose work in favour of hormones but it also has very few side-effects that are not possible in the high dosage drugs.

Amount matters

Estrogen is called ethinyl estradiol and the lowest dose used is 0.20mg. What should be seriously considered is the lower most amount can sometimes cause bleeding and spotting. Those are some of the side-effects of lowest dose. This type of problem does not occur in 0.30mg of estrogen dose medicine.

Names of some drugs with extra low dose

  • Mircette consist of 0.20mg estrogen and 0.15mg desogestrel.
  • Alesse (Sroynx, Lutera, Lessina, Aviane) consist of 0.20mg estrogen and 0.10mg levonorgestrel.

Names of some decreased level dose

Ortho-cept consists of 0.30mg estrogen and 0.15mg desogestrel.

  • Levlen consists of 0.03mg of estrogen and 0.15mg levonorgestrel.
  • Loovral consists of 0.03mg estrogen and 0.3mg nogestrel.
  • Nordette consists of 0.03mg estrogen and 0.15mg levognorgestrel.
  • Seasonale consists of 0.03mg of estrogen and 0.15mg of levonorgestrel.
  • Desogen consists of 0.03mg estrogen and 0.15mg desogestrel.

Triphasic pills

  • Stage 1 – Estrogen 0.025mg and desogestrel 0.1mg.
  • Stage 2 – Estrogen 0.025 mg and 0.125mg desogestrel.
  • Stage 3 – Estrogen 0.025mg and desogestrel 0.15mg.

During a search done on women of reproductive age, it has been found that the women using the triphasic ortho-novum 7,7,7 and while other women who are using cyclessa has relatively low spotting and bleeding episodes and weight loss of 3-4 lbs. Compared to weight gain of 3 lbs with the women who took ortho-novum 7,7,7.

Ortho – Tricyclen lo pills


  • White tablet consist of 0.180mg of norgestimate and 0.025mg estrogen.
  • Blue tablet consist 0.025mg of estrogen and 0.215mg norgestimate.
  • Dark blue tablet consist 0.025mg of estrogen and 0,250mg of norgestimate.

Yaz and Yasmin is another reduced dose drug that has 0.02mg and 0.03mg. But they have higher levels of potassium therefore not recommended for patients of liver and kidney diseases.

Pills during breast-feeding

Mini pills are the most famous pills used during breast-feeding which can be started as soon as the birth of the baby. Some of the generic names are microval 28, locilan 28, microlut 28 and noriday.

The morning after pill also known as emergency contraceptive that has high levels of estrogen. It has 0.05mg estrogen and 0.25mg levonorgestrel in a blue coated pill. Plan B is also morning after pill which has just one hormone 0.75mg progestin.