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Safety of Birth Controlling Device

Recently FDA (Food and Drug Administration) called a meeting for discussion about the Essure, regarding the safety of birth controlling devices. Essure is basically a permanent birth control device which is using all over the United States. It is a metal coil used to put in the fallopian tubes. This device was legalized in 2002 but after that FDA received many complaints from the women who used it. Those complains consisted on fatigue, improper timing of menstruation, high weight variation, and abdominal pain were highly pointed out. There was many other complain recorded regarding the mal-position, movement and breaking of the device, FDA said on many different website. The agency also reported many of the deaths due to the use of this device and some of the death noted during the pregnancy period while the women were using this device.

Gottfried concluded that I am not such a goof fan of this device because it does not provide any safety for the users. She added, women don't get information before the use of such devices and suffer from these kinds of problems. Most of the time these devices fell into failure and Enssure is the latest example of them.