Birth Control Without Prescription

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Simple Things To Learn About Birth Control

Many women want to avoid the unwanted pregnancy. There are different methods used for the birth control in the world. As the population is increasing very rapidly so it is becoming the cause of many problems. It is our responsibility to control this population otherwise it can be very difficult to solve this problem. The increase in population leads to the unbalance in food and its user. I shall explain it with an example. Suppose that any specie of woods die. You will see that after some time many species which were dependent on that specie are also dying. Same is the case with us. You know that we are totally dependent on the food for our survival. If the number of people will increase, it will become difficult for us to get that food due to competition. So we should also consider the world population as a big problem. There are many techniques which are adopted and followed to control the birth rate.


I shall tell you about some common methods which are used for the birth control in this article. A good decision is very necessary in birth control program. If the couple is agree to use safe methods to avoid the fertilization then it is good. For this purpose, they can go to family planning center or consult with a professional doctor. To prevent the fertilization, male condoms are used so that no direct contact forms between sperms and eggs. This special device is worn by men on an erected and hard penis. Condom covers the penis completely so when you enter it into the vagina of female then semen secretes out from your penis does not move out form your condom. In such a way, fertilization is prevented. There are many things which you should share with your doctor i.e. the health problems which you have because the selection of right method depends upon your health and safety.

Some other techniques which can be followed are the use of vaginal ring, sterilization, behavioral methods, contraception and contragestion. In vaginal ring, this ring is placed inside the vagina which releases some drugs which are effective to prevent the fertilization during sex. The use of vaginal ring is not common in Asian countries as many women do not know about its use. Another technique for the birth control is sterilization. The sterilization is a method in which the tubes in women which move the eggs to uterus are blocked or clamped. This prevents the flow of eggs towards uterus and as a result fertilization is prevented.

Besides these methods of birth control, contraception and contragestion methods are also followed. In contraception, contraceptive pills are used which act as a barrier or hurdle for the sperms. Sperm need egg for fertilization process. Since hurdle does not allow the sperms to move so no fertilization can occur. As you know that millions of adult people do have sex so If they follow these methods then they can prevent the fertilization and help in controlling the population.