Birth Control Without Prescription

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Some points to learn about Birth control

Different types of problems are becoming the part of this world. In the past, the population was not very high so it was easy to feed everyone. But now population has increased to a great extent. It has become very difficult to feed every person. So what is the solution of this problem? We cannot control the population by consulting a man. Scientists also cannot help us in this matter. The simple solution to control the birth rate is the use of different things like condoms, contraceptive pills and other drugs. These drugs lay an important role in birth control. A special program has been designed by every government to control the population of world. In this program they are trying to aware the people from the increasing population.

Sex is the need of every person so we cannot ignore it. But we can do safe sex with our partner to control the birth of new child. Men can use condoms for their sexual activity. Its use will not fertilize the eggs and sperms and no baby will born. Condom is a barrier which is used during sexual activity to reduce the chances of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It is put on the erected penis which does not allow the sperms from entering in to the sexual part of female partner. This is supposed to be one of best methods of birth control. There are many other methods which are used for the birth control. Common methods of birth control are contragestion, contraception, sterilization and many more methods. Since the increase in population is becoming the major problem so you should try to follow these methods in birth control.

Birth control program is not a new one but there are proves that it was also has great importance in past. People used different methods to control the birth of new child. They put the mixture of ghee, rock salt, honey and palasa tree on the vagina of female. This thing acts as a barrier between the penis and vagina. After the deposition of this material they did sexual intercourse and remain safe from many sexually transmitted diseases. There are some points which you should consider before choosing the right birth control method. First of all you should check your overall health condition. It also depends on you that how many times you have sex with your partner. Side effects of adopting each method will also affect the birth control method. The most important is you that are you are feeling comfortable with that method? If yes, then you should keep using that method.

Besides, another method for birth control is the use of female condom. Woman wears this condom inside her vagina. It avoids the sperms from entering in to her body. It is made of flexible, thin and manmade rubber. A lubricant is also present in it which increases the sexual enjoyment. Do not use this condom if the man is using its own condom at the same time.