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Some Thoughts On Women's Health And Well Being

We are lucky to be living in a progressive and advancing world. Making a living is fairly easy today when compared to the olden days. Internet has further enhanced the quality of life. Now we live in a virtual world and conduct most of our business through the internet by way of paying our utility bills, banking, shopping and making bookings etc. The lifestyle of people has changed due to the social media networks. People are now used to sitting at home after the office hours and chatting, making friends and being in constant touch with friends and family.

With the change in lifestyle comes a lot of changes in the mindset of people too. We need to learn to adapt to the changes and rework our internal body systems as well in tune with the changes. Earlier women had to do a lot of physical labor and live in harsh weather conditions. The same was true for everyone, but still we can very well say that women usually took on a larger part of the job of managing the family, home and work too. Therefore it is important to look at whether women have managed to reinvent themselves in line with the developing society and if the reinvention is holistic.

It is a well known fact that women are biologically weaker as compared to men. However in terms of resilience they are much more stronger than men. Women are more susceptible to health problems due to the nature of the body. Women go through puberty, child birth and menopause which bring about a lot of changes in the internal system as well as the body structure. As a layman if you look at the energy requirements of an average male to a female, the energy or calories needed by a female may be higher than the male simply due to the fact that she burns up more calories in physical work as well as mental work. The concept of nutrition is not very well understood by most women. Generally mothers look at the nutritional needs of their children and the rest of the family but tend to ignore their needs. It is the women who need to be conscious of the health needs and take care of themselves appropriately in order to avoid complications in health. Most women are said to be prone to thyroid and diabetes problems all over the world. If you ask the health experts, they will tell you that the stress and tensions faced by women causes these problems. These two ills cause further complications in the body and health system on long term basis. Women do read about these issues, but rarely think of the problem and apply it to themselves.

Today's woman is called a superwoman. She manages to juggle around her job, home, family and society with ease. We think that today's women are efficient and are empowered. All of this has no meaning until and unless the women have learn to look at themselves and see if they are really living a balanced life. Work and life balance is what keeps one healthy. It is not the efficiency with which one is managing the office, home and family at a given point of time that counts. What matters is whether the woman is able to enjoy her work and responsibilities and enjoy a quality of life.

To enjoy quality of life, one needs to have the right attitude. In many cases a strong faith in god and his benevolence helps the woman find that strength from within to face life's challenges. The attitude of the rest of the family towards the woman and how much they value her contribution has a major impact on her mind as well as health. Finally a woman who values herself and also enjoys the different facets of her roles in life will enjoy a better health in the long run.