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Use Of Permanent Birth Control - If You Have A Complete Family

Hormonal birth control options are always available but for all those females above the age of 35, they may not seem to be the ideal choice due to other health issues like blood pressure. All those mechanical birth control pills – diaphragm, the IUD and Condoms – may seal the gap but they are not apt for every female or in every situation.

For females who think that they have accomplished their childbearing abilities and are satisfied with their family size, then a viable option is a permanent sterilization. If you are thinking to select this birth control method, then consult your obstetrics and gynecologist early in the process. In several states you need to sign consent prior to 30-90 days to sterilization process. In the states of New York the duration of 30 days is provided.

Tubal Litigation

What the permanent birth control options available for females these days?

Tubal Litigation is referred to as the blocking or closing of the fallopian tubes so that the ability of the ovum to travel to the ovaries from the uterus is lost. Often defines as ‘tying the tubes’, this process can be carried out in several ways: Burning or cutting the fallopian tubes, using bands or clips to seal them or keeping implants in the tubes which result in scar tissues near the tubes.

You can get tubal litigation performed in the following various ways:

Laparoscopic surgery - this type of tubal litigation is carried out by inserting a small camera and surgical devices into the body via a tiny incision on the stomach. This permits the surgeon to imagine the fallopian tubes and burn or cut them closed. Generally this is done under the use of general anesthesia.

Mini- Laparotomy - this kind of surgery shares a similarity with Laparoscopy apart from the fact that the incision is below 2inches/5 cm wide. Often this is done immediately after the delivery of a child when there are many fallopian tubes in the abdomen and this tiny incision can be done in the belly button. This process can be carried out with epidural or general anesthesia.

Although tubal litigation is said to be reversible in few cases with the help of normal surgery, the efficacy rate is not 100% so if you aren’t certain whether your family is complete or not then you should opt for some other kind of birth control method.

Tubal implants like Essure have become the most preferred options for permanent sterilization in the past few years. Partly this is because of the fact that the process does not involve cutting and doesn’t need anesthesia – until requested.

The benefit of using tubal implantation or litigation is that neither of these types of birth control alters your natural hormonal cycle of body. This implies that you can use these in your menstrual periods and still attain the long-term advantages of your hormones in the body unless menopause strikes. You should consider the permanence of these processes carefully.