Birth Control Without Prescription

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Variety of Contraceptives

Contraceptive methods is used for preventing pregnancy and there are many kinds to choose from, You can consult your doctor if want and can choose a method that is acceptable and easy for you to use.

Variety of Contraceptives

Condoms are made up of latex that is polyurethane which is a rubber like material with lubrication and is used to cover the penis completely. If female is allergic to latex, nonlatex polyurethane condoms are also available. Female condoms are also available with or without latex and can be worn by the females. But due to it being a hindrance because of two ends with rings which attaches on pubic bone and other end stays outside.

Spermicidal agents kill the sperm before they even enter the cervical canal. They are the chemical agents that consist of surfactant such as octoxynol and menfegol. They are available in form of tablets, creams, jellies, soluble pessaries, or as films. The failure rate of spermicidal agents is high therefore not used as condom. They are more beneficial if used with addition to mechanical barrier.

The dutch cap or diaphragm is a dome shaped diaphragm of thin rubber, with a rubber covered metal rim. The diaphragm is made up of various sized depending on the size of the cervix it fits obliquely. It stretches from just behind the pubic bone and stays outside the vagina, thus covering the cervix.

Oral contraceptive pills famously known as ocps are another very popular method of contraceptive. Types of ocsps are minipill, combined pill, triphasic, and emergency pills. These pills have estrogen and progestin in them which helps in preventing pregnancies.

Hormonal contraceptive includes vaginal rings, iucd mirena, injections and implants. Depot injections of progestogens have been developed, which are given intramuscularly. Subdermal implants with progestogen in it have been vastly used to reduce the frequent visits to the doctor, to ensure even release of the hormone and to reduce side-effects while maintaining the efficacy.

Skin patches have also been used for birth control. Ortho-evra is a hormonal skin patch that may last 7 days. 3 patches are required each cycle followed by 1 week patch-free interval.

Vaginal rings are another contraceptive method. Vaginal rings are also known as nuva rings has two ends, one end is attached to pubic bone and other stays outside the vagina which covers the cervix. It is used for 3 weeks and removed when period starts.

Intrauterine contraceptive devices are also known as iucd is an effective and reversible method that does not require replacements for a long period of time. Most common iucds are copper-t and progestasert system. The presence of a foreign body in the uterine cavity renders the motility of spermatozoa very difficult. This whole process leads to altercation of cervical mucus and implantation fails.

Now let’s talk about the some permanent methods but reversible methods like tubectomy and vasectomy. Vasectomy contains of dividing the vas deferens and disrupting the passage of sperms. Tubectomy consists of tubal ligation, both of these are done under local anaesthesia.

Other method also includes abstinence, breast-feeding and withdrawal methods.