Birth Control Without Prescription

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Why Birth Control Is Important To Control The Population?

In the present era, many new things are coming in front of use. Most of the people were not familiar from the birth control. They even do not know that what is the purpose and advantages of birth control. Now they are able to get all information about birth control from the internet. In this article I shall discuss about some techniques in birth control to prevent the fertilization. All of us know that world population is increasing day by day. People are not serious to control the population. I shall strongly suggest the people to take some radical steps to decrease it. Governments are also playing an important part and building the family planning centers from there people can get all information about the safe sex.

I used the world safe sex because a sex done with condoms or other devices is safe. In such sex, the chances of fertilization are approx. 0% so no baby will born as a result of this sex. Some people have wrong thinking that the only method to prevent the fertilization is to not have sex. It is wrong. You cannot leave sex for more than 3 months. So what will do in this duration? There are many birth control methods and techniques which you can use to prevent the pregnancy. First method is for men. They can use condoms which are available at very chap rate on the stores. It is a device which you can wear on your erected penis before having sex. This device will not only save you from many sexually transmitted diseases but also restrict the fertilization. It acts as a barrier in which eggs and sperms cannot fuse in to each other.

Other methods which I am going to discuss are related to women. The common methods which women can use are vaginal ring, female condom, surgery, contraceptive pills and other drugs for pregnancy delay. Well, if we talk about the vaginal ring then you will come to know that it is a polymeric device. It delivers the drugs and some hormones like oestrogen in the vagina. Its constant use for more than 3 weeks leads to form a barrier between sperms and eggs of female. It means that the purpose of this device is same as that of condom. Many women also like to take the prescribed dose of contraceptive pills. They can be used for pregnancy delay or to stop the pregnancy. If you are willing to use this drugs then you should ask your doctor first. Some side effects may cause other problems for you. You should aware from them.

If you are interested in a permanent solution of birth control then you may go for a surgery. With the help of this surgery, the tube which delivers the eggs to uterus is sealed or blocked by operation. After this surgery, the woman can have sex any time without using any vaginal ring or female condom because now there is no chance of fertilization process.