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Women Survived from Ovarian Cancer

Cancer is a killer and victimized a large number of people in under-developed countries. Women are top order victims of ovarian cancer and before 40 years it was too high in number. But after the progress in medical science, this range has been decreased up to 50% as compare to 1970.

Before a decade, ovarian cancer discovers in women and it is also known as dangerous killer. According to new research, now many women survived in this disease due to help of proper medication and survival percentage is increasing day by day.

Dr. Jason Wright said, unluckily ovarian cancer has very high death. But now the era has changed and medical sciences progression helped in all medical fields. Similarly the situation in ovarian cancer also changed and now victimized patients due to this disease are too low. Now many treatment of ovarian cancer has been designed and we have to do wide range of study on these advance way of treatments, Wright added. Now we have much better chemo, surgery of this cancer and many suitable and advance ways to apply chemotherapy. Additionally there is now big understanding developed about cancer genetics and biology of ovarian cancer.

To find out the death rate due to ovarian cancer, Wright collected data of 50000 women from 1975 to 2011. This data is governed by National cancer database. He compared data of women suffering from ovarian cancer and women without cancer, he added. Number of patients in 2006 was less 50% than 1975 ovarian cancer patients. In this data, ovarian cancer patients recovered from cancer from all stages. Different stages of cancer is now controllable and it is noted that 49% of stage 1 and 51% of stage 3 and stage 4 are now not a big issues.

According to researchers, 14,000 women died due to ovarian cancer in UK 2015 and they also identify 21,000 women who had this type of disease. Symptoms of this disease are undetermined and at the last stage of cancer, it identify when patient feels some sort of pain such as abdominal pain.

There is direct relation between blood levels of protein and cancer over a time, reporter said.

Dr. Don Dizon said the data of research more impressive for the improvement of the life span. He added, after the treatment of this disease, the pigments of cancer cannot grow again.

Generally patients live long and better life with the use of latest cancer medicines and the wider range of treatments are available for women's. If cancer goes on high level then there is better attempt to control this disease rather than to fix this problem. Dr. Dizon concludes that some sort of message should spread among the people so that people will aware about this disease. And they have to know that this disease is now curable and not leading to death.