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Women’s Health – A Perspective

Health care has improved over the past decades. Technology has helped revolutionize healthcare with advanced equipments and targeted treatments not to forget the developments of new drugs. Fighting a winning battle against cancer is a reality today. Laparoscopic surgery has changed the face of surgery and post operational recovery.

Multimedia and telecommunications advancements have helped medicine and health care reach out to millions across the world and into the remote areas as well. Telemedicine, mobile healthcare, hospital on trains etc have brought health care to the door steps of home even in the most remote regions of the world.

WHO and the world health community has been focusing on and working towards child nutrition as well as fighting spread of HIV/AIDS through various sustained programs across the world. However when it comes to women’s health, there is a lot that needs to be done.

Women are faced with health issues throughout one’s life. While we are seeing the dangerous increase of teenage pregnancies and HIV infections amongst the teens, the mental health and suicidal tendencies are on the rise amongst the women in their early thirties and forties. Women who are senior citizens find themselves facing different sets of problems. Poor health suffered during the earlier years take their toll on the body. Lack of adequate retirement income, loneliness due to lack of support from the family and access to good health care seem to increase the problems during old age. Besides most women are falling prey to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases as well as problems due to stress and overwork. These problems tend to get aggravated in the old age due to lack of body immunity.

The need of the hour however is to ensure that every girl child is provided with proper nutrition and healthy. A healthy childhood is essential and important and determines the health during the later years especially during the reproductive years. There is also a need to ensure a safe childhood along with a healthy childhood. Most of the mental problems that arise in one’s adult years are reflective of the conflictive conditions faced during childhood. Those mothers who have suffered child abuse are prone to developing mental disorders that can affect their pregnancy and health of the baby as well. A happy and protected childhood, a safe and healthy environment will pay for the overall development of the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of the girl. A healthy childhood results in a well balanced personality and a happy adulthood as well. A lot of problems associated with unsafe sex, alcoholism, unsafe driving and reckless behavior amongst the teens can be attributed to unhappy situations faced at home during their childhood.

Addressing the physical, mental and environment health issues of the girl child and teens will impact their later life and development as well as impacts the future generations as well.